Bernedoodle Breeder in Ohio

Hello and welcome to our Bernedoodle page;

My husband Rick & I along with our 3 children began our breeding program in 2001 . We started out breeding Golden Retrievers,then later introduced the Goldendoodles,Standard Poodles and Bernedoodles. We have always loved the Bernese Mountain Dogs but the continued shedding was a bit much so we decided to do Bernedoodles.

Our first few litters were a hit, very happy Families reporting low to no shedding, and allergy friendly. My daughter and I decided to  keep 2 Females from this breeding and we are now producing the F1B generation.. They should be non shedding and very allergy friendly and a bit smaller than our first generations that were between 45-75#.

Luna has had her OFA hips and elbows done and received a Good on hips and “normal” on elbows. She is cardiac and eye cleared through her veterinarians. Her sister Bellatrix has been all cleared through Paw Print Genetics. Luna makes her home in Virginia with My Daughter and her Family,Luna enjoys her fur- Brother Milo and her 3 human siblings.

Jericho is a tri -colored Standard Poodle who weighs 55#. He is also all cleared through Paw Print genetics.

Willy- AKC red Standard Poodle he weighs 55#. Willy is Paw Print Genetic cleared.

Luna & Willy  will be bred for a future litter of F1b Bernedoodles Fall 2024. $2,500 plus tax