Golden Retriever Breeder in Ohio

Hello and welcome to our Golden Retriever  page;

My husband Rick & I along with our 3 children began our breeding program in 2001 . We started out breeding Golden Retrievers,then later introduced a few more breeds.Our first love  will always be the Golden Retrievers they are Friendly,out going, and just beautiful. We have the mix of Full English and Traditional. We purposely breed them together to produce a beautiful healthy traditional color do



Raya- Is an beautiful  AKC  Girl who comes from healthy lines, she is Paw Print Genetic Cleared. She produces pups with big thick stocky builds.


Pumpkin also comes from OFA, genetic cleared Parents and Grandparents.(Riggs is her Brother)

Bruno- Is our new addition-He is full English comes from OFA and Genetic  cleared Parents. He also is Paw Print genetic cleared.

Dalton- newest addition- AKC Golden Retriever- he has the darker reddish coat. He comes from long lines of dark coats and OFA clearances. Dalton is Paw Print genetics cleared.

Pumpkin & Dalton have bred for a litter of Dark Golden Retrievers due August 11th. 2024.

This breeding  will produce blocky, healthy pups. Both parents are Paw Print Genetic cleared and come from OFA cleared lines.

We have now started a wait list for Raya’s next litter of Pups; Projected for Summer 2024. We will be breeding her to Dalton for a litter of Traditional colors.

Priced at $2,300 plus Tax. A $500.00 deposit required to be placed on the “wait” list.