Golden Doodles

Ana and Henry litter of Standard size (50-70#) F1 Goldendoodles BORN JULY 11TH. ALL PUPS SPOKEN FOR !

Cynamin & Willy litter of F1B Medium/Standard size (35-65#) Goldendoodles Born JULY 18TH ALL PUPS ARE SPOKEN FOR !

Snickerdoodles and Fletcher litter of F1BB Goldendoodles medium/standard size(35-65#) BORN JULY 15TH,2020 ALL PUPS ARE SPOKEN FOR !

Josee and Riggs litter of F1 Standard size Goldendoodles (45-65#) BORN JULY 15th,2020 .ALL PUPS ARE SPOKEN FOR !

PLANNED BREEDINGS FOR FALL/WINTER 2020 -We are now accepting non-refundable $500.00 deposits !!!

CocoaPuffs & Willy for a litter of F1BB Medium (30-50#) Goldendoodles $2,050 We should have Reds, browns,Blacks,Creams,and most will have white markings.

Janger’s and Willy for a litter of F1 Goldendoodles medium/standard 35-65# $1,800

Clarabelle and Fletcher for a litter of F1 Bernedoodles ( our first ever)$2,500 We are expecting this litter to be born October/November 2020. We should get tri colors.

Caitlyn & Willy for a litter of F1B Goldendoodles $1,950 Expected December of 2020, Ready for your homes February 2021! We will have dark reds pups,most with white markings.

Truffles & Romeo for a litter of Mini Goldendoodles $2,200 Expected to go home November/December 2020. We will have reds,and Apricots,most with white markings.

Truffles & Romeo’s past pups